Special Purpose Mortars:

Special Purpose Mortars:

Mortar is classified into various types of mortars depending on binding materials used, building materials, nature of applications and density of mortar.

But there are some special types of mortars are also available in market depending on their type of use.

In this article we are discussing on special types of mortars and their uses.

Fire Resistant Mortar:

This type of mortar is used when fire resistant is required in buildings.

Fire resistant and fir fighting is very important in any kind of building to prevent the building from fire danger and its consequences.

To make the building fire resistance fire bricks along with fire resistant mortar is used to prevent from fire losses.

Also when fire resistant mortar is used in plastering it serves the purpose if fir proofing shields on walls.

Mortar attaints the fire resistance properties when aluminous cement is added into the cement.

Packing Mortar:

Packing mortar are the mortars used to pack the oil wells and other structures where water resistance is required.

Basically, this kind of mortar is used to pack joints to make structures leak proof.

Packing mortar should be water proof.

Packing mortar should be highly homogenous and should have high strength to pack the joints.

The main ingredients used in packing mortars are cement-loam, cement sand or combination if cement-loam-sand. (Admixtures also can be used to make it leak proof)

Sound Absorbing Mortar:

This kind of mortar is used to make structure sound proof.

Generally, this kind of mortar is used to absorb the sound, where acoustic is necessary in structures. Most commonly used in auditorium, seminar halls, classroom etc.

This sound absorbing mortar generally consist of cement, lime, slag, gypsum ect as binding materials and cinder and pumice as adulterants.

Chemical Resistant Mortar:

Chemical resistant mortar is used in structures which requires chemical protection or chemical resistance.

This type of mortar is obtained by adding additives and admixtures to fight against chemical attack.

By using different additives many chemical resistant mortar can be prepared, but normally selection of chemical resistant mortar is mainly depend upon the expected damage due to particular chemical or group of chemical.

In simple words, we can say that the selection of additives is depend use of structures.

Light weight Mortar:

Generally light wight mortar is prepared for light weight structures.

Light weight mortar is prepared by using light weight sand or light density materials loke wood powder, sawdust, jute fiber, asbestos fiber along with lime or cement.

X-ray Shielding Mortar:

This type of mortar is specially used in plastering for X ray machine rooms, walls and ceilings of X-ray rooms.

This is a very heavy mortar which has a bulk density of around 22KN/m3.

To prepare this special mortar, fine aggregates from heavy rock and suitable admixtures are used.

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