Advantages and Disadvantages of Structural Steel:

The advantages and disadvantages of Structural Steel is listed as follows,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Structural Steel:

Advantages of Structural Steel Structures

1. Steel is moderately cheap when compared with other structure materials

2. Steel structures are highly fire-resistant as compared to a wooden structure as wood is a combustible material and less fire-resistant when compared with RCC structure.

3. Moulding and formulation of steel is done according to the need, so there is no restriction on standard shape and size.

4. Steel can be easily & effectively manufactured and can be transported with ease so this can be triggered to speedy construction.

5. Steel structures has very good strength so it can withstand outside weights during  earthquakes,  thunderstorms, and cyclones. A well-fabricated steel structure can last  more than 30 years if maintained well.

6. Flexibility is one of the great advantages of steel structure, that means it tends to be planned according to the design requirements.

7. The steel structure so that it can withstand heavy winds or earthquakes, especially in the case of the bridges or tall towers.


1. Buckling: It can buckle quickly if load is greater than expected load

2. Transportation and handling: transportation and handling can be difficult in place which not well accessible.

3. Cost: Has huge capital cost as compared to RCC.

4. Skill laboured required for supervision, handling and processing. that again increase the labour cost.

5. Good conductor of heat: That can cause huge accident if proper care not taken.

6. High Maintenance & Capital Cost, Susceptibility to Buckling, Fatigue and Fracture,

7. Fireproof Treatment, Fire Damage and Fabrication Error.

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