1. What are the different Types of structural steel???

There are different types of structural steel available in market. According to the composition, different types of structural steel has different use.

What are the different Types of structural steel???

There are 4 types of structural steel as follows,

Different Types of structural steel
Types of structural steel

1.   light-weight Gauge Steel

•     Made from thin sheets as per the specific standards.

•     Easily feasible to form a steel frame system with cold deformed steel (Steel formed by a cold operating process).

•     Light gauge steel joists and studs are readily available in retailers.

•     It is flexible and safe.

•     One of the different types of steel utilized in construction which is common in flooring.

2.   Structural Steel:

      Structural steel is yet another popular types of steel used in construction that is employed mainly this can be a base or structure to the building. This can be one in all the popular styles of steel obtainable.

•     Used for developing the structure

•     Available in different specifications & shapes like – T shaped, Channel Sections, I-beam, Plate type, bar or rod-type, etc.

•     Corrosion check (When iron oxides to create rust).

3.   Mild Steel: 

•     Plain carbon steel.

•     Known for its strength.

•     The most ordinarily used steel for construction.

•     Used for each standard and trendy fast pre-engineered buildings.

4.   Rebar Steel:

•     Reinforcing steel, reinforces the structure affixing well with concrete.

•     Also employed in the shape of a mesh of steel wires for building purposes.

•     Hot-rolled round steel bars are mainly used.

•     Improves tensile strength.

•     It is factory-made to terribly long lengths.

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