4. Rate Analysis for Reinforcement steel:

Rate Analysis for Reinforcement steel is as follows,

Item Details: Reinforcement steel work in RCC work

Quantity Assumed: 1000kg

Rate Assumed,

Steel: 44Rs per Kg

Binding wire: 65 Rs per Kg

Item No.ItemExplainationQuantityUnitRate/unitAmount
1Steel 1000Kg4444000
2Binding wire1% of the steel or 1 kg for 100kg steel10Kg65650
 Total of A    44650
BLabour charges 1000kg66000
CWastage @ 5%    2232.5
DPlant & machinery @ 1%    446.5
 Total    53329
EAdd for profit & Overhead @15%    7999.35
 Total rate  For 1000Kg 61328.35
 Total rate  For 1Kg 61.3

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