Types of Structural systems

There are so many type of structural systems for contruction.

Types of Structural systems:

Continuous structures:

      This types of Structural systems is those elements of construction that are designed to form building’s structure to support the entire building or other built element, such as a bridge, tunnel.  So, a steel frame is a structural system which supports the building and substructure and super structure, is known as structural systems

Fig. 1. Continuous structures

Framed structures

      This types of Structural systems is has the framework type aesthetic. The frameworks  system consists beams and columns generally known as Framed Structure. Timber, reinforced concrete and steel can all be used to create system.  The principle of load transfer is  beam transfer loads from roof, floors and walls to the columns then columns transfer the beam loads to the hard strata through the foundations. The dead load  and live loads from roofs or floor slabs will be transferred to the floor beams and then to the structural frame. Compared to a continuous support-type structure of similar weight, a framed structure typically transfers more concentrated loads into the sub strata.(soil)

Fig. 2. Framed Structure

Shell structures:

      Shell structures are made from structural ‘skins’ , that means the shell material is thin in section as compared to the other dimensions of the roof and undergoes very less deformation under load. These are commonly used where a building interior needs to be free from intermediate walls or columns that support a more conventional  roof, such as libraries, theaters, leisure centers, airport and railway terminals etc

Fig. 3. Shell structures

Tensile structures:

      The structures tend to withstand by the action of gravity  to holding them in tension on their mass.. In general, structures tend to carry both tension and compression, and tensioned structure it is the structure which is intentionally tensioned to without stand with it load. Basically this structures carries the tensioned to form its shape and design.

                  Eg.A suspension bridge is an example of a tensile structure.

Fig. 4. Tensile  structures

Membrane structures:

Membrane structures or fabric structures are the space enclosed by tensioned membranes. At its simplest, a tent may be considered as a membrane structure as  its steel or fiber glass poles support a canvas or plastic membrane covering it.

Others forms of steel structures are:

• Arches

• Barrel vaults.

• Cantilevers.

• Domes.

• Shell and core.

• Space frame.

• Trussed rafters.

• Portal frame.

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